Can you relate when you hear “burning and intense itching in your mouth? Well, let me tell you this is the first symptom you feel when you have a canker sore.

Despite their small size, they can be very painful and annoying.

Why canker sores or ulcers produced?

There are several theories, it can be an immunological reaction against common bacteria of the oral flora, lack of vitamins, stress or food allergies.

They can also be originated by wounds in the mouth or gums caused by the toothbrush, bites in the buccal wall, tongue or by consuming very hot meals or drinks.

How to treat them?

These injuries can heal spontaneously in about 10-14 days without leaving a scar; however the discomfort is difficult to endure due to pain and inflammation. We recommend Finafta®, an oral solution that will help you calm the discomfort. Apply it every 3 hours or before meals. Of course, we also recommend avoiding spices on excess, spicy food or citrus until the ulcer or canker sore has healed.

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