Rompe Pechito DM

Effective syrup for children’s cough and flu

Where to buy Rompe Pechito DM?

Rompe Pechitos® DM loosens and dries the phlegm from the coughs of the little ones in the home. Combines natural ingredients, an effective solution to relieve cold symptoms. Trust in the best of both worlds for your well-being!

Medicine to relieve cough in children

Rompe Pechitos® DM: The perfect ally for the well-being of your little ones. Our children’s cough syrup is designed to control coughs while softening and drying phlegm that causes chest congestion. Specially formulated for children ages 4 and up, Rompe Pechitos® DM offers a reliable and safe solution for cold days.

Made by Eficient Labs, our formula has been carefully developed and backed by rigorous quality standards to provide effective, reliable relief from cold symptoms.

Manage cough, common cold, or flu symptoms with Rompe Pechitos® DM for your little ones, a syrup that blends natural medicine and is alcohol-free.


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