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Rompe Pecho® SF 6oz

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Rompe Pecho® SF helps by thinning and loosening phlegm and consequently chest congestion. This product is sugar free so it’s ideal for use by diabetics.

Rompe Pecho® SF contains the active ingredient guaifenesin combined with natural extracts like menthol and echinacea, among others.

Ingredients like menthol, echinacea, and the other herbal extracts found in Rompe Pecho have a long medical history. Some of these are often used as traditional homemade remedies for treating health ailments and some are known to boost the immune system. In a market, saturated in and alcohol-based cough medicines with little to differentiate them other than a name, Rompe Pecho leverages this ancient knowledge and combines it with the medicinal ingredients proven to help fight the symptoms of the common cold or flu.
All of our products are alcohol-free and there are 7 different presentations, each designed to treat the different symptoms of the common cold.