Children’s cough syrup

Natural cough medicine for kids

Where to buy Cough syrup for children?

Rompe Pechito® DM: The Definitive Syrup for Coughs and Colds in Children from 4 to 12 Years Old. Controls cough while releasing and drying phlegm that causes chest congestion. Discover the ideal remedy for your little ones. Rope Pechito® DM, the reliable ally for fast and effective relief!


Rompe Pechitos DM into your natural ally for coughs!

Our unique formula combines the antitussive dextromethorphan with the powerful expectorant guaifenesin to help relieve bronchial congestion caused by coughs in children.


Made by Eficient Labs, our formula has been carefully developed and backed by rigorous quality standards to provide effective, reliable relief from cold symptoms.


Control children’s cough with Rompe Pechito DM

Rompe Pechito® DM, the latest addition, combines the best of nature and science to provide effective relief. Give your family the care they deserve with Rompe Pechito® DM!

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