Common mistakes that causes athlete’s foot

Many people like to walk while other people not so much, but what is really uncomfortable for everyone is to walk with athlete’s foot. The great majority of people does not know why the fungus appears, that’s why we present you the most common mistakes that cause athlete’s foot.


Closed footwear

To use closed footwear is one of the most common causes of athlete’s foot. The close footwear could trap humidity in our feet, and as a result, the fungus can appear. 


Do not dry properly your feet when you take a shower 

Believe it or not, not drying your feet properly is another common cause for athlete’s foot. The humidity between the toes can create the perfect place for fungus to appear.


Walk barefoot 

Walking barefoot in shared spaces is another cause of athlete’s foot because you are being exposed to a great number of germs that can cause infections.


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3 simple tips to prevent sunspots

Summer is an amazing season and we want to enjoy those beautiful sunny days going to the park or visiting the beach, but sometimes we forget our skin care and we end up seeing sunspots. That’s why we share with you this helpful tips on how to avoid sunspots.


Use sunscreen


The sunscreen is a product that we have to find in our daily routine, not only in sunny days but every single day that we are exposed to the sun.


Use lotions to minimize sunspots 


The best way to avoid sunspots is to use daily products that are specialized like Spot Out form Efficient Labs, that helps you to minimize sunspots and helps your skin look healthier.


Avoid exposing to the sun on certain hours 


We must look for the best time to be exposed to the sun. These hours are the ones that are near to the sunrise or sunset. The hours that have more UV radiation are between 10am to 4 pm.

Why do I have yellow nails?

You may see that your nails have a different appearance, but why? Why does your nail have a different appearance?

There are several causes that can make your nails to turn yellow. One of the most common cause is the use of poor quality nail polish, very dark colors or leaving nail polish for a long time not allowing your nails to receive enough sunlight causing them to turn yellowish.

Also, people who smoke a lot are more likely to suffer from this problem, due to the different chemical components inside the cigarettes which affect both the coloring of the nails and the teeth.

On the other hand, fungal infections are, mostly, the main cause of yellowing, the appearance of the fungus causes the nails to change color and deform a little.

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